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AIX 5.2 and Domino 6.5
~Gus Xantumiveroni 01/26/2004 07:46 PM
Domino Server 6.5 AIX

Other than the PTF 486444 and increasing the file handles, does anyone know of any pitfalls with this configuration? I have a customer currently running AIX 4.x and Domino 5.x - I am installing a new p615 with AIX 5.2 and Domino 6.5. The plan is to have the new server replace the old. I plan to upgrade the Directory on the new server then replicate the mail files - leaving them at v5.x. The new server will then assume the identity of the old server (IP address and ID file).

Any tips/pitfalls would be greatly appreciated.


Kimberly Grant

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